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February 23
by Guy Debord
with ENGLISH voiceover

March 29
Yvonne Rainer: Journeys From Berlin March 29 2007 Journeys from Berlin/1971

April 26th Bruce Baillie's Late Films Bruce Baillie's
Late Films

May 24th Chris Marker, May 24th Chris Marker
 on the fate of the Left

June 9th David Finkelstein, June 9th
Lake Ivan Performance Group

July 7th Hijacking Hollywood, July 7th
Neo-Benshi Night:
  Hijacking Hollywood
Program Notes (PDF)

August 2nd Nathaniel Dorsky Nathaniel Dorsky Interview
Alaya &
 Song and Solitude

August 16th Threnody Nathaniel Dorsky films
Triste & Threnody

September 19th Helen Hill Tribute
Helen Hill Tribute

September 27th Guy Debord unmasked
In Girum Imus Nocte

September 28th Neo-benshi Audience, Sept 28th, 2007
The New Talkies:
 Neo-Benshi Reprise

October 18th Jacobs and Baldwin
Found & Faux
article by ks on RocketKitKongoKit

October 25th Tiananmen, Oct 25th Tiananmen

November 16th International South Asian Film Festival
3rd I Festival:
John & Jane

November 29th Viz Anthology
Viz Anthology
The Cabaret
 of Hybrid Vigor

December 3rd
in Los Angeles
The Cinema Cabaret
The Cinema Cabaret