Experimental Film at San Francisco International Film Festival


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Pacific Film Archive: Sunday, April 26th, 8:30pm /  Kabuki Cinema (SF): Friday, May 1, 9:15pm

The seven artist-made films gathered in this program vary from a cutout collage, a hand-processed film and a puppet and costume drama to two films with 3-D imagery. Whether a single shot recording 93 candles flickering on a birthday cake or an allegorical recounting of a near-death experience, these films remind us of the fragility of life and the power of the moving image mediumas well as the reverse.

Chromatic Cocktail

The vibrant, abstract spirals of Kerry Laitalas experiments with chromovision leap off the screen in pulsating 3-D. (Kerry Laitala, USA 2008, 9 min)

Experiment on Peripheral Vision, #1

In the first of a series of experiments, a man and a woman note what they see from the corners of their eyes. (Adele Horne and Paul VanDeCarr, USA 2008, 3 min)

The Parable of the Tulip Painter and the Fly

Charlotte Pryces luminous, hand-processed film reaches across the centuries to find inspiration in a 17th-century Dutch painting. (Charlotte Pryce, USA 2008, 4 min)

On a Phantom Limb

An imaginative allegory draws on ink paintings, live-action and puppets to explore a woman who finds herself part bird after a life-threatening occurrence. (Nancy Andrews, USA 2009, 35 min)


This beautiful yet uneasy weaving of images of human vulvas and landscapes draws on medical 3-D View-Master images. (Scott Stark, USA 2008, 13 min)

False Aging

Longing and regret are evoked in this haunting collage-film, crafted from the detritus of the past. (Lewis Klahr, USA 2008, 15 min)


A succinct, silent portrait of resilience. (Kevin Jerome Everson, USA 2008, 3 min)

Curated by Irina Leimbacher and Kathy Geritz