PARALLAXIS: Music and Moving Pictures

April 17, 2009, 8:00 pm
Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church
2828 SE Stephens St
Portland, OR

Portland's premiere New Music ensemble, fEARnoMUSIC, and curators Leo and Anna Daedalus from Helsinqi Media Studio present a live film concert of 20th/21st-century classical music performed with original video/film by contemporary artists, silent-movie style.

Parallaxis from the Greek words para- beside + allassein "to change" (from allos "other") becomes the source for "parallax" in English.

The program's videos have been specially created for screening with pre-selected live music. Normally the audio is hard-synced to the image in a video, and although these pieces were created with the musical pairings known in advance, the circumstances of any live performance will be slightly different each time. The piece is realized as the sum of all occasions of the marriage of sound and picture. In live cinema, parallax arises in how each performance will be slightly different. The pieces exist in a space of performative variance and nuance.

"Curated in collaboration with Portland media studio HELSINQI, this concert pairs works by contemporary composers and film/video artists. Putting these media on equal footing like two halves of a holographic plate frees them from habits of accompaniment or illustration. Each changes the other, generating syntheses more unexpected than the sum of their parts."

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